Debbie Lambert on 'Colour In Your Life' Art TV Show

Graeme Stevenson:

I must admit that we travel the world far more than I ever thought we would when I started CIYL, but the artists and people and country we have seen along the way has just been magic.

We are planning to head back to NZ before the end of the year to film again, but I thought I would share a fantastic experience with a wonderful lady called Deborah Lambert, at a sheep station called Mesopotamia Station.

We met Deb up at the station the day we arrived and looked around the many buildings they had that were old shearing sheds and station hands quarters. Just an amazing place and the country was spectacular.

Malcolm the owner of the station and also a brilliant helicopter pilot took us up into the mountains the next day to film Deb. Without a doubt, it was the most isolated area we have been to film for the series.

We flew up into the mountains and went a distance into the wilderness flying over Red Deer galloping along underneath us and viewed beautiful crystal clear streams winding through the various valleys below.
We had an amazing day with Deb and greatly enjoyed the isolation and beauty of the mountains.

There is just a sense of wonderful calm and peace when you are standing in places like that.
We are heading back at the end of the year to film more fabulous artists in New Zealand, so this is your chance to become part of this global idea for artists and let the world see who you are and what you do.

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